Beating Back the Images Burned on Our Brainpans: A Review of Jane Satterfield’s Apocalypse Mix

Jane Satterfield’s Apocalypse Mix is a time capsule of the pre-Trump global political landscape that documents the ways in which the military-industrial complex has been normalized and stitched into the fabric of our lives. These poems trace the commodification of both war and its opposition, from the “renewable fashion for […]

On Darwin’s Mother by Sarah Rose Nordgren

Sarah Rose Nordgren’s second book Darwin’s Mother, from the University of Pittsburgh Press, borrows stories and voices from a wide range of scientific communities. Her book exemplifies contemporary poetry’s longstanding traditions of defamiliarizing human activities and imagining life beyond a human-centered world. In doing so, Nordgren delivers massively complex ideas […]

On Michael S. Judge’s The Scenarists of Europe

Michaels S. Judge’s The Scenarists of Europe is unlike any other book I’ve encountered. At novel-length (297 pp.), Scenarists—Judge’s third book—occupies a middle ground between the gnomic ...And Egypt Is the River (2013, Skylight Press; 114 pp.) and the behemoth that is Lyrics of the Crossing (Fugue State Press, 2014; […]

A Story of America Goes Walking by Saara Myrene Raapana & Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton

The first image within A Story of America Goes Walking depicts a large black “X” speeding across two pages, it’s intersection folded in the center seam. A crimson field of woodcut flowers is marked out, negated, and the junction poses a visual contradiction that stops the read before it even […]