“Get Ready for the Secret of Your Life”: Hawk Parable by Tyler Mills

I think of Jesus, the circuitous way he wove images together to explain to his disciples things they hadn’t seen, but he had.  It’s like this, and then also: it’s like that.  I imagine the disciples nodding, their desire to understand so ingenuous, so severe, that they almost convince themselves […]

A Primer for Beauty and its Many Foils: Lia Purpura’s First Adventures in Beauty

“Once, a friend reacting to a tickle on her arm, saw she had smacked a lacewing—green filigreed and sheer as a breath. ‘You’re so beautiful, I’m sorry,’ she said, before finishing it off. As if its beauty might have saved it.” So begins Lia Purpura’s First Adventures in Beauty, published […]

Music Within Uncompromising Landscapes: A Review of Jennifer Militello’s Knock Wood

It is tempting to believe that where lives have gone wrong, it is possible to find an early, inciting incident, which, if only the holder of memory can get to, articulate, and integrate, meaning and therefore optimism can be restored, and the good world can regain its center. Jennifer Militello’s […]