Lost and Found in Translation: The Lovers’ Phrasebook, poems by Jordi Alonso & illustrations by Phoebe Carter

A busy antique store is nestled less than two blocks from my house, attracting dozens of elderly visitors every day, especially on Sundays. People seeking antique tools, silver, teapots, remembered artifacts. But I walk over for the postcards. In front of the cash register, four boxes of densely packed postcards, […]

Becoming What I’ve Always Been: A Review of Joy Ladin’s Fireworks in the Graveyard

Joy Ladin’s eighth poetry collection, Fireworks in the Graveyard, is a testimonial of personal transformation. A stunning book tormented by fear and bodily discomfort, yet one also celebrating stalwart perseverance. Ladin’s personal experience with gender transition might be the book’s inspiration, but the work is poised for universal interpretation. The […]

On Amelia Martens’ The Spoons in the Grass Are There to Dig a Moat

Amelia Martens’s debut collection of prose poems, The Spoons in the Grass Are There to Dig a Moat (Sarabande, 2016) is a successful, surprising, and darkly humorous rumination on contemporary public, domestic, and divine life. The unassuming nature of the prose poem’s form, coupled with a childlike philosophy regarding life […]

“Pain is the heaviest thing”: The Many Meanings of Tender, by Sofia Samatar Reviewed by Sara Rauch

tender: having a soft or yielding texture; demanding careful and sensitive handling tender: a person who tends or maintains a specific space tender: money, as in “legal tender” Sofia Samatar’s new collection of stories, Tender, is comprised of two sections: “Tender Bodies” and “Tender Landscapes.” In a way, bodies are […]

Seeking Self in the Mirror: A Review of Similacra, by Airea Matthews

Airea Matthews’ debut collection, Similacra, is an experiment in time travel, a self-examination that takes place by means of a non-linear journey through civilization. Matthews employs a council of writers, philosophers, musicians, and mathematicians – along with a pantheon of deities spanning multiple cultures – to pull back the veil […]