from Blowing Smoke, a Compendium of Everyday Excuses: “The Diet,” “L’Affaire,” “The Spare Room Closet,” & “Las Vegas” by Jana Harris

      Jana Harris teaches creative writing at the University of Washington and at the Writer’s Workshop in Seattle. She is editor and founder of Switched-on Gutenberg. Her most recent publications are You Haven’t Asked About My Wedding or What I Wore; Poems of Courtship on the American Frontier […]

La Virgen de la Candela by Viviane Vives

      Viviane Vives is a finalist of the Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry, semifinalist of the American Short(er) Fiction Contest by American Short Fiction, and a nominee for Best of the Net Anthology, 2018. Recent publications include Litro Magazine, Burningword, and Best Sixty Four Poets Anthology of […]

Dinosaurs of New Jersey by Leslie Doyle

There’s that feeling—you know it—when the electricity comes back—a light switches on, the refrigerator starts humming, that annoying generator belonging to the people up the street finally stops roaring, you can recharge your phone—and it’s like magic, like a blessing bestowed out of the blue: light, preservation, communication–all that was […]