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The Yellow House by Guy Choate

    The idea of my dad feeling trapped crushes me. All my life I knew he’d rather lose his wallet than his keys because then he could drive away if he ever wanted to. He could always go home and unlock the door to his house. “If one of you will come pick me […]

Coming to Terms by Susan Sample

    I’m heading home. I’m reading “situations of vertiginous vulnerability” penned by a woman with ovarian cancer. I’m highlighting in pencil: “...reading isn’t the opposite of doing; it’s the opposite of dying.” I’m seated in the emergency exit row. “…words will tell you things you never thought or felt before” I’m balancing a yellow […]

from View from the 17th Floor by Suzanne Scanlon

    Download the PDF file .     Suzanne Scanlon is the author of Promising Young Women (Dorothy, a publishing project, 2012), and Her 37th Year, an Index (Noemi Press, 2015). She teaches creative writing at Columbia College Chicago, in the MFA program of Roosevelt University, and in the University of Iowa’s Summer Writing […]

The Space Between Bodies by C.W. Emerson

Download the PDF file .     C.W. (Chris) Emerson lives and works in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California as a clinical psychologist and supervisor, teacher, and poet. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals including Assisi, Atlanta Review, Comstock Review, G.W. Review, Harpur Palate, Mantis, Poetry East, Quiddity, Saint Ann’s Review, […]

Fig Season by Melissa Wiley

    A Hole in a Bowl             Water runs through a copper bowl grown green with time and oxidation. A girl with legs stretched long but chest still flattened holds it as she offers her fountain’s water to someone. Only she has waited too patiently for a person who […]

Pretty Good by Ed Bok Lee

    A pretty good friend came back from warring as men have done since fire and families, and shot himself with a Sig Sauer in the heart. The note he left instructed his sister to donate his brain to Parkinson’s research, his kidneys to any Muslim or two in need, his pancreas to cancer, […]

A Pulse Is a Pulse Until by TR Brady

    Download the PDF file .       TR Brady is a poet and amateur art historian. Her work has appeared in Bombay Gin. She lives in Arkansas with her partner who has a real job. She’s currently applying to MFA programs.

Faux Leather Futon, Priced to sell by Jeff Becker

    I’ve been watching my best friend’s parrot for the last three weeks. The bird’s name is Charlie. My friend’s name is Nickels. The animal got the human name, the human got the animal name, and that means something, but I don’t know what. Charlie is gray with a little red tail and Nickels […]

In Memory of Us by María Isabel Alvarez

    My father wears a flash drive around his neck like a dog tag. The flash drive holds our entire family album, a collage of photos of the people we only vaguely resemble: the blurry underwater snapshots of our Hawaii vacation, my mother, all mask and wet suit, eclipsed by the disc of a […]

Pantoum for Tilly Matthews by Kathryn Nuernberger

    You make the lines, but you must also obey their rules of repeating. He called it the Air Loom. Run by Jack the Schoolmaster, his was a sewing machine fueled by putrid fumes. Expectorants from the anus of a horse. The Glove Woman works the shuttle. He called it the Air Loom. Run […]