Industrial Architect by Thea Brown

    If  only an  __X__  distracted  by arrangement, if  only my eyelashes singed clean by work, arrangement,  this like no one  remembers  training  regression.  It’s hard  to see  my own  complicity,  so  I  don’t  usually.  I  just walk around. Heated  enough,  rearranging  love  and  money,  which  is never   one  […]

Heaven and Dirt by Mary Biddinger

    There you go with the crushed velvet and makeshift bracelets, the judgments and cribbed recipes from major restaurant chains, assorted creepers wearing your likeness on sweatshirts, checking your favorite books out of the library just to sniff the pages you previously sniffed, and your hair that’s like a […]

Half-Bloomed Peony by Chelsea Jennings

    So many surfaces fit into summer’s fist    An arrangement of force holds each petal apart       Emptiness fanning outward from the center where self-contained rain gathers The air vibrates with bees     Electric silence that opens the sky wider A puncture to let the present through —One bud […]