A Biography of Women in the Sea: Snake Sisters by Jennifer Cheng

    Inside her dress, an envelope. Inside her dress, disembodied [      ]. Stitching of her girlish traces, maw-soaked daydreams—we could call it shadow-play, a bowl of wishbones, fish skeletons, or everything you need to unwind those lines. Inside her dress: embodied prescriptions. She was trying to say somewhere here while […]

Close Encounters by Jessica Baran

    The constitution is pretty clear beyond the emissions test: follow the reports of who’s best in show and who’s a late-night comic’s nightmare. She revealed certain generational rifts among women, sounding out a musical message tapped out on toddler’s chimes. Bringing the courts back down to earth was […]

Plot for Film by Jessica Baran

    Alternately dazzling, oppressive and nuts, getting rid of Rita made life hunky-dory. It mostly came down to that great problem of fatalism, how people are so familiar with it. Her story made sense to first-time viewers; no one was thrown. The bet seemed to be: keep looking, and […]

Reverb by L. Vella

    In lieu of   bridle, let nestle be   tattled up. Let snout keep. Leave   name, leave dust.   What passes for summer, the somnifuge.   Underneath the lake, something sonic mucks low, almost   lost. As for the moon,   it gnaws.       L. […]