Editors’ Selections

An Introduction to Melissa Crowe by dawn lonsinger

    Melissa Crowe is a curator of hauntings, of what lodges itself dead center in the chest, be it something marvelous, “your days—dawn-dark, full of promise,” or something disconcerting, “towers collapsing/ and collapsing.” In her poems we encounter a world that cannot be easily comprehended or classified or sated, […]

On the Way Home from a Business Trip, fat girl Pulls into a McDonald’s Drive-Thru in a Town She’ll Never See Again

    so when the attendant, anonymous in a macrocosm of microphones, asks fat girl if that completes her order, fat girl adds a McFlurry, finally free from shame’s ballet in her throat. fat girl pulls to the window and chitters like a murmuration of starlings. They both know fat […]

An Introduction to Ginny Threefoot by Elizabeth Robinson

    In these two poems, Ginny Threefoot is ostensibly measuring ambiguities—of sound, of childhood. What is really happening, however, is that Threefoot is keying her perceptual sensitivities to the “sound of /seeking what is hiding” and thus the quotidian shivers with new potency and potential. The subject(s) in these […]