Editors’ Selections

An Introduction to Elsbeth Pancrazi by Megan Levad

  Elsbeth Pancrazi’s first book, Full Body Pleasure Suit, creates a defamiliarizing near-future (or current?) dystopic paradise through which she and the reader might explore, as she says, “how to connect, be present, and be sensual in a virtual world I started to imagine as a possible future.” It’s a […]

An Introduction to Garnett Kilberg Cohen by Tony Trigilio

  Garnett Kilberg Cohen’s “Space and Time, the Four Dimensions” is a warm, compelling meditation on our passage through that brief historical moment we call “our” time. I appreciate the way Cohen shapes a dramatic narrative that is simultaneously linear and associative. Each moment unfolds as if it could move […]

An Introduction to Jackie White by Simone Muench

From a manuscript titled Threnody Fury & Psalms, the three pieces available here are haunting distillations of sorrow that engage the ancient poetic form of the cento (conceived as early as the 4th century if not earlier), as well as other collage arrangements, to establish a penetrating and contemporary collective […]