Editor’s Feature

A Selection of Poems by Selva Casal, translated from the Spanish by Jeannine Pitas

    Download the PDF file .     Selva Casal (b. 1930) is the author of fifteen books of poetry. A former lawyer and professor of sociology, Casal is inspired by her experiences working with people who have faced injustice. She resides in Montevideo, Uruguay.   Jeannine Marie Pitas […]

An Inheritance of Riches II: Marosa di Giorgio and Selva Casal, curated and introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

  For the last issue of Tupelo Quarterly, TQ11, I curated an Editorial Feature, “An Inheritance of Riches: A Portfolio of Contemporary Uruguayan Women Poets” whose purpose was to showcase five Uruguayan women poets, Melisa Machado, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Virginia Lucas, Karen Wild Díaz and Eloísa Avoletta, born from 1966 […]

Especially the Impossible Ones: A Conversation with Tyler Crumrine of Plays Inverse Press, Curated by Zach Savich

    In this interview, the founding editor of Plays Inverse Press, Tyler Crumrine, discusses the ways in which contemporary, experimental verse drama can change how we think about poetry, theatre, and the performative dimensions of any text. Plays Inverse has recently published works by authors including Catherine Theis, Dalton […]

‘The world which is a kind of afterworld’: A Conversation with Dutch Poet Anneka Brassinga, curated by Ming Di

    Anneke Brassinga, born in 1948 at Schaarsbergen, Holland, did translation studies at the University of Amsterdam 1967 – 1972. She has been a free-lance literary translator from English, French, and German. She has been writing poetry and essays since 1984, winning several prizes, including P.C. Hooft-Prijs 2015.   […]

‘Appropriating the name of Greek women warriors’: A Conversation with Denise Duhamel, curated by Kristina Marie Darling

    Denise Duhamel’s most recent book of poetry is Scald (Pittsburgh, 2017). Blowout (Pittsburgh, 2013) was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her other titles include Ka-Ching! (Pittsburgh, 2009); Two and Two (Pittsburgh, 2005); Queen for a Day: Selected and New Poems (Pittsburgh, 2001); The Star-Spangled […]

A Conversation with Translator Jeannine Marie Pitas by Jesse Lee Kercheval

    Jeannine Marie Pitas is the author of two poetry chapbooks and the translator of several Uruguayan poets. Her first full-length poetry collection, Things Seen and Unseen, is forthcoming from Quattro Books. She lives in Iowa and teaches at the University of Dubuque.   Jesse Lee Kercheval: The History […]

Unsilence the Silence: Two Poems and a Conversation with Hope Wabuke, curated by Stacey Waite

    Hope Wabuke is the author of the chapbooks The Leaving and Movement No.1: Trains. She is an assistant professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A contributing editor for The Root, her work has also been published in The Guardian, Guernica, The North American […]