Editor’s Feature

“The Practice of Grief: An Interview with Will Daddario,” conducted by Zach Savich

Will Daddario is a performance philosopher and a theatre historiographer. In addition to To Grieve, his published works include Baroque, Venice, Theatre, Philosophy, numerous essays on the intersection of theatre and performance, and two co-edited volumes of essays: Adorno and Performance (with Karoline Gritzner) and Manifesto Now! Instructions for Performance, […]

“Ancient Modern Racetracks: An Interview with Translator Dan Rosenberg on Miklavž Komelj’s Hippodrome,” Conducted by Zach Savich

    The title poem of Slovenian poet Miklavž Komelj’s Hippodrome begins, in the recent translation by Boris Gregoric and Dan Rosenberg published by Zephyr Press, with a racetrack that has seen hard use: “The fence planks are all chewed up, / the grounds pitted with uneasy footprints.” The next […]