Collaborative and Cross-Disciplinary Texts

AMANUENSIS by Nick Flynn & Rachel Eliza Griffiths

    __________________________________________________________________     AMANUENSIS by Nick Flynn                 If you write about painting yourself into a corner then one day you might find your- self, in fact, painted into a corner. Or you might find yourself on the edge of a […]

A Folio of Graphic Poems by Naoko Fujimoto

A Process Note   Graphic poetry is the melding of words and images. In her project, “”Trans. Sensory””, Naoko Fujimoto translates her poems (that are written in English on paper) into words and images to create a contemporary picture scroll. The viewers transport their senses from the paper and bridge […]

from Storyboard by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

      ________________________________________________________________     ________________________________________________________________     ________________________________________________________________     ________________________________________________________________       Rachel Blau DuPlessis, poet, critic, collagist is the author of Drafts (written 1986 through 2012). Post-Drafts books include Interstices (2014), Graphic Novella (2015), Days and Works (2017), and the forthcoming Numbers (a collage poem […]