Wendy Chen

After Odysseus by Megan Pinto

    Here, in the clinic, a therapist asks the child to draw a picture of her body—to color all the places where it hurts, and color all the places where it feels good. No medical examiner, no jury, just a child and her pencils—in this version she is taller […]

News by Elizabeth Hoover

    for Nichole     My friend is waiting to find out if her rapist will be paroled. They are supposed to call her if he walks free. I go to her apartment to help her unpack. She moved after her landlord fixed her front window with cardboard. Her […]

I’ve been a time-/ wasting machine by Ignacio Fernández de Palleja – translated by Laura Cesarco Eglin

    I’ve been a time- wasting machine, a type of mechanism science fiction does not care for, a guy that yearns for the parties he hasn’t been to and the neighborhoods he’s never visited, the life he hasn’t lived, I’m someone that breathes with impulses of something he doesn’t […]

The Basement by Bret Shepard

    How awful to say you miss someone. Months and mouths are similar in that they close   year round. Clouds seem thicker. Gray appears more gray. The black center of the cumulous   falls down from the weight of a collective mood. It’s the prevailing sentiment in the […]