Marlee Gaffey

Greenhousing by Sarah Audsley

    I’ll push against—                 what did you say—any                                 edge. An orchid cannot impregnate it-                 self. Stamen & pistil sound like dirty words, but they’re necessary.                 I know how                                 to push                 against the glass. I was a seed. I was a sticky mess made from two bodies                 colliding. The way […]

After by Carlie Hoffman

    She lifts them one by one from buckets fishermen brought from Kopavogur–today, brown trout, tomorrow, char–after rinsing each one separately, peeling scum and dirt from the skin, they will still keep that same bewildered expression on their faces as she positions their forms in ice. What happens in […]

Re- by Meghan McClure

    Rejoice! they say. Forget that you learned to keep your arms at your sides, your hands tucked in your lap like a tissue for emergencies only. Forget that rejoice means to have joy again & again. I stay awake, I think of the long road ahead paved with […]

Cheetah by Kristi Maxwell

          Kristi Maxwell is the author of six books of poems, including Bright and Hurtless (Ahsahta Press, 2018). Her recent work appears in Bennington Review, Black Warrior Review, and Boston Review. She is an assistant professor of English at the University of Louisville.