Marlee Gaffey

Heaven and Dirt by Mary Biddinger

    There you go with the crushed velvet and makeshift bracelets, the judgments and cribbed recipes from major restaurant chains, assorted creepers wearing your likeness on sweatshirts, checking your favorite books out of the library just to sniff the pages you previously sniffed, and your hair that’s like a […]

Half-Bloomed Peony by Chelsea Jennings

    So many surfaces fit into summer’s fist    An arrangement of force holds each petal apart       Emptiness fanning outward from the center where self-contained rain gathers The air vibrates with bees     Electric silence that opens the sky wider A puncture to let the present through —One bud […]

Contemporary Art is Internationally Appealing by Vincent Ravalec, translated by Wendeline A. Hardenberg

    The challenge was to make appealing something that was not. To transform this godforsaken city, populated by people as indifferent to art as tourists are to the idea of visiting the only historic building—a vague ruin of a castle—in a glamorous destination. After all, what the Guggenheim did […]

Lights like Poets by Fina García Marruz, translated by Katherine M. Hedeen and Janet McAdams

    The evening empties, inexplicably. Places no longer receive us, toss us out, to the elements. There’s cold and wind. Sounds linger, trembling in the air, don’t know to disappear. And then a poet the usual one, somewhere, takes a blank sheet of paper, totals up the void (consoled […]

A Surface of Needles by Cassie Donish

              passing the hospital—the world was drenched, wet gold with sun. Everywhere, hazards. Unprecedented flooding. The air bristled with noise. She was in love, but not with anything, anyone, anymore; my love has no object. A lie? Perhaps all she’d wanted was desire’s sheen—its look of depth— not desire […]

Winter Solstice by Jennifer Key

    No neat bales tally the end of winter’s ledger. Instead, my father’s dog, an arabesque in white, whirls in the haze grown two feet tall. The setter who always points his target cannot find his master. Late afternoons hereafter we’ll see what we’ve been navigating in the dark. […]