Marlee Gaffey

Cryptid by Robert Campbell

    You. Burden. You. Un-favorite child, ruin of your father’s pride. Labyrinth-dweller, hide from the hero. Disappear into rubble. He comes for you with his hockey stick, his bottle rockets, his sock full of pennies. Even now, he is counting out the bullets. You poor bastard. Why do you […]

Diwali: New Moon by Raena Shirali

    The agarbatti plumes its familiar signal: peace, sandalwood, fire alarms shut off. Ganpatis, as always, line my shelves: coal, red, golden. They seem level with me now. They aren’t like other gods, don’t demand change. I turn on every bulb, burn each wick. I know what you’re thinking. […]

The Plan Was by Anna Claire Hodge

    Dump me in August, so I’d know             it wasn’t my fault. Sell the banjo, the canoe, each worn book swiped             from the second-hand store. Let his lease run out in November. Then that recipe:             swig from a bottle, tip pills speckled like ladybugs into a cupped hand. Garden […]