Kristina Marie Darling

On Darwin’s Mother by Sarah Rose Nordgren

Sarah Rose Nordgren’s second book Darwin’s Mother, from the University of Pittsburgh Press, borrows stories and voices from a wide range of scientific communities. Her book exemplifies contemporary poetry’s longstanding traditions of defamiliarizing human activities and imagining life beyond a human-centered world. In doing so, Nordgren delivers massively complex ideas […]

On Michael S. Judge’s The Scenarists of Europe

Michaels S. Judge’s The Scenarists of Europe is unlike any other book I’ve encountered. At novel-length (297 pp.), Scenarists—Judge’s third book—occupies a middle ground between the gnomic ...And Egypt Is the River (2013, Skylight Press; 114 pp.) and the behemoth that is Lyrics of the Crossing (Fugue State Press, 2014; […]

A Story of America Goes Walking by Saara Myrene Raapana & Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton

The first image within A Story of America Goes Walking depicts a large black “X” speeding across two pages, it’s intersection folded in the center seam. A crimson field of woodcut flowers is marked out, negated, and the junction poses a visual contradiction that stops the read before it even […]

Taking Notes: Vulnerability and Chaos in Fady Joudah’s FOOTNOTES IN THE ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE

To be a footnoter means paying attention, an exercise in authenticating and deciding what deserves further explanation. The speaker in Fady Joudah’s beautiful collection “Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance” (Milkweed Books, 2018) remarks, “I always hold back from writing in the margins of the clearest sentences,” implying that even […]

“‘Imaginary Gardens’: A Conversation with Jan Wagner & a Portfolio of New Poems” – curated by Ming Di

Jan Wagner (b.1971) has won numerous awards including the Leipzig Book Fair Prize (2015, first time ever awarded to a poet) and the highest award in German literature, the Georg-Büchner-Prize (2017). He was born in Hamburg and has been living in Berlin since 1995. Poet, essayist, and translator of Anglo-American […]