Emma Bolden

The Green House by C.S. Carrier

    where we lived after the divorce, lived for the remarriage, redivorce, for the calcification of  bones and vows, arteries and language   Nurse at the kitchen table smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, solar flare between forehead and Bible   at the end of a dead end, beside Richland Creek […]

Luna Moth at Night by Chloe Honum

    Pale green queen, in your fourth and final form, you did not come this far to be eaten. In flight, the long tails of your hindwings flutter, creating the illusion of multiple targets. Watching you, I wonder if writing and erasing is one of my creaturely instincts— fingers […]

Blast Off! by John Gallaher

    The only thing I’ve said to someone this morning so far is, “It’s going to be warmer than yesterday, but still cool.”  It’s a daily routine, waiting for me when I get up: here is your weather forecast for the next seven days.  Also, it’s two months until […]