Emma Bolden

Toaster by Annie Diamond

    The human brain weighs 1300 grams, about the heft of one two-slice toaster. I love this equivalence, picture a toaster on shoulders and torso             and think of a nonexistent Magritte,             with some title like The Veneration […]

Ode to the Damsel by Hala Alyan

    Pink as a seashell. Mid-yawn, breasts rising like soldiers. In the shopping cart, duct tape & eye cream. The car red as a tongue. Your tongue, a car, spanning the city. The door rings & you don’t open it. There is Lisbon on the other side. Three children […]

Cloud by Christine Hemp

    I couldn’t say exactly when the thermal met the dew point and I knew I was cloud. Like walking rain, I’ve traveled far without touching ground.   Today I saw a kestrel ride a convergence (that invisible quarrel between warm and cold air). I have lived her lust […]