Emma Bolden

Industrial Architect by Thea Brown   Recently updated !

    If  only an  __X__  distracted  by arrangement, if  only my eyelashes singed clean by work, arrangement,  this like no one  remembers  training  regression.  It’s hard  to see  my own  complicity,  so  I  don’t  usually.  I  just walk around. Heated  enough,  rearranging  love  and  money,  which  is never   one  […]

Belief by Christopher Warner   Recently updated !

    I admit a bewilderment. The Lord confuses me, makes me think there’s no tree for my life, only light and leaves, abandoned nests. The rootless sadness before the acceptance. I still look for a kingdom of unlikely coins, but the bodies of my gods long ago took flight. […]

Ghost Particle by T. J. McLemore   Recently updated !

    How the light gives us shape and tears at us. This Polaroid ruined, streaked by stray rays and snow. Or perfected: your one eye a coal, the other a star. The horse’s fence a brushstroke of white, a blaze. Scarring his face. The exposure doubles: two horses, four, […]

Love Song of the Demogorgon by Jenny Molberg   Recently updated !

                Hither the sound has borne us-—to the realm             of Demogorgon, and the mighty portal...            -Shelley, Prometheus Unbound   Love is the world reversed. Nothing but a scribble in a drizzling cave. Good Christians do not speak my name but still I […]

Supplication by Christopher Warner   Recently updated !

    Let there be pasture for the stones and shepherds for the storms. Let the wind be kicked against the pricks of extravagance. (Let there be extravagance.) Let there be the slow rise of slaked forms, swimming in the lamplit rain below the lovers, now waking, now giving thanks […]