Emma Bolden

Toaster by Annie Diamond

    The human brain weighs 1300 grams, about the heft of one two-slice toaster. I love this equivalence, picture a toaster on shoulders and torso             and think of a nonexistent Magritte,             with some title like The Veneration […]

Ode to the Damsel by Hala Alyan

    Pink as a seashell. Mid-yawn, breasts rising like soldiers. In the shopping cart, duct tape & eye cream. The car red as a tongue. Your tongue, a car, spanning the city. The door rings & you don’t open it. There is Lisbon on the other side. Three children […]

Cloud by Christine Hemp

    I couldn’t say exactly when the thermal met the dew point and I knew I was cloud. Like walking rain, I’ve traveled far without touching ground.   Today I saw a kestrel ride a convergence (that invisible quarrel between warm and cold air). I have lived her lust […]

The Green House by C.S. Carrier

    where we lived after the divorce, lived for the remarriage, redivorce, for the calcification of  bones and vows, arteries and language   Nurse at the kitchen table smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, solar flare between forehead and Bible   at the end of a dead end, beside Richland Creek […]