Emma Bolden

Industrial Architect by Thea Brown

    If  only an  __X__  distracted  by arrangement, if  only my eyelashes singed clean by work, arrangement,  this like no one  remembers  training  regression.  It’s hard  to see  my own  complicity,  so  I  don’t  usually.  I  just walk around. Heated  enough,  rearranging  love  and  money,  which  is never   one  […]

Belief by Christopher Warner

    I admit a bewilderment. The Lord confuses me, makes me think there’s no tree for my life, only light and leaves, abandoned nests. The rootless sadness before the acceptance. I still look for a kingdom of unlikely coins, but the bodies of my gods long ago took flight. […]

Ghost Particle by T. J. McLemore

    How the light gives us shape and tears at us. This Polaroid ruined, streaked by stray rays and snow. Or perfected: your one eye a coal, the other a star. The horse’s fence a brushstroke of white, a blaze. Scarring his face. The exposure doubles: two horses, four, […]