Announcing the TQ14 Poetry & Prose Contest Winners

The editors are delighted to announce the winner of the TQ14 Poetry Open Prize.



D. Gilson, “My Mother Describes Chemo for Andy Warhol.”

from Denise Duhamel’s Judge’s Citation…
“‘My Mother Describes Chemo for Andy Warhol’ is a terrifying and funny look at the medical establishment and our powerlessness when it comes to certain diseases. In realistic, ‘Clorox’ and ‘Diet Coke’ language, this persona poem illustrates the exhaustion of chemo all the while delighting the reader.”

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Congratulations to the Winner of the TQ14 Prose Open Prize.



Robin Clarke, “Those Little Anodynes.”

from Nick Flynn’s Judge’s Citation…
Those Little Anodynes manages to weave family history (a connection to Emily Dickinson) with an unverifiable trauma. Embedded within, and connecting, these two situations is an object—a trunk that plays a little tune as it opens. The language is clear-eyed, well-wrought, yet at the same time leading us deeper into mystery.

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