Daily Archives: March 14, 2020

John McVey

JOHN McVEY’s NOTICINGS with a micro-interview by Elaine Sexton     ELAINE SEXTON: Tupelo Quarterly featured a wonderful text-based image of yours as the cover of the last issue while we were still discussing this interview. We selected a sampling of images you posted on Instagram over a period of […]

Johanna Goodman

JOHANNA GOODMAN’s Catalogue of Imaginary Beings  with a micro-interview by Elaine Sexton    ELAINE SEXTON:  There’s something of the monumental, Mount Rushmore-like, in these collaged portraits, particularly the women in politics. Only with tiny heads and tiny feet, the narrative contained in massive bodies. In other pieces the “brain” matter is exaggerated.  […]

The Exterminator by Nicole Garcia

    You watch him sizing up the threat. This stranger sweats inside your bedroom Where eaves have buzzed for weeks. Too quiet. You watch him, sizing up the threat. He eyes your framed certificate. So you’re a black belt? No one’s home. You watch him sizing up the threat. […]