Daily Archives: August 2, 2019

Fresh Confessions: On Leah Claire Kaminski’s Peninsular Scar

The chapbook Peninsular Scar, a short, intense collection containing several long poems, documents the imprints of a Florida upbringing. Kaminski, with the perspective that relocation allows, reverses the usual location of the body within landscape. Instead, she locates Florida landscapes and cultures within the body and within a dense, personal […]

Garden as Whiteboard: Emmalea Russo’s G

The world lives in a garden. Within it is found human intention and vegetative indifference; order and chaos; a portion of space, bounded by mental definition, inside which time unfolds, gathering matter into the forms of leaves and fruits, then breaking them back down into particles. In Emmalea Russo’s G, […]

An Empty Chair Grows into a Forest—30 Years’ Poetry of Resistance in China – by Ming Di   Recently updated !

  It has become a tradition that many Chinese write poems in June of each year in memory of the 1989 Student Movement in China. 1989 was the year that Berlin Wall collapsed, followed by tremendous changes in Europe but in China the pro-democracy movement ended in tragedy: hundreds of […]