Daily Archives: June 14, 2018

PITTSBURGH WAS MY MINNEAPOLIS: An Essay in Episodes by Julie Marie Wade   Recently updated !

    “The Main Setting”   Let’s remember that when Mary Richards shows up in Minneapolis, she’s a stranger to us. Soon, we’ll learn she’s had a steady boyfriend for the last two years. We’ll discover Bill let Mary “nearly support him” throughout his residency. We’ll come to understand they […]

“The Jester’s Fairy-tale” by Michael Ende, translated by Elisabeth Kinsey   Recently updated !

Act 1 Setting Construction site on the outskirts of a big city. A winter evening. The sky still reflects light, but during this first act, little by little, it will become fully engulfed in evening. A looming, pallid, full moon rises over the vapor-silhouette of a smoke-stack amidst factories. A […]

Alfredo Fressia, translated from the Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen and Victor Rodriguez Nuñez   Recently updated !

Download the PDF file .       Alfredo Fressia (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1948) is a poet, essayist, translator and professor. He has published over ten books of poetry, his latest being Susurro Sur (Valparaíso México, 2016). He has lived in São Paulo, Brazil since 1976, where he is a cultural […]

An Introduction to Karla Kelsey by Kristina Marie Darling

    Karla Kelsey is an exciting voice in contemporary poetry. In many ways, her work reads as an extension of the Modernist tradition of feminist writers, who responded through poetic craft to the male philosophers of their particular historical moment. Like H.D.’s poetic revisions of Freud, Marianne Moore’s artistic […]