Daily Archives: June 14, 2017

A Selection of Poems by Selva Casal, translated from the Spanish by Jeannine Pitas

    Download the PDF file .     Selva Casal (b. 1930) is the author of fifteen books of poetry. A former lawyer and professor of sociology, Casal is inspired by her experiences working with people who have faced injustice. She resides in Montevideo, Uruguay.   Jeannine Marie Pitas […]

Untitled [“i planted a camellia in the yard”] by Lyudmyla Khersonska, translated by Katherine E. Young

    i planted a camellia in the yard. i wanted to be a lady, not a war-ravaged rag, to cast down my lashes, let fall a light glove, put on red beads, patent-leather boots, i listen: are there explosions, does someone stomp the earth....     Lyudmyla Khersonska lives […]