Daily Archives: April 14, 2014

Twist by Louis Staeble

        Louis Staeble lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. He has had photographs appear recently in “Foliate Oak Literary Magazine”, “Petrichor”, “Iron Gall” and “Paper Tape”. His work can be viewed at http://staeblestudioa.weebly.com.

Desert Eros by Karissa Morton

  Hyenas circling the air, low cliffs arresting each panic. Lizard’s tail removes dark from morning. It once came, said to her, describe the difference between water & the lake that holds it. Is a coyote less, in other words, if we never speak of this again, this day, this […]

Tuscarora by William Black

     Ricky Jenkins was struggling to talk—sucking in breath, squeezing his eyes against the swell of tears, wiping his nose with the sleeve of sweatshirt.  And who could blame him, Principal Warren thought, accustomed as the boy was to taunting, to mockery.   He lived on that narrow dirt lane branching off […]

Bad Magic by Nancy Reddy

    It starts out simple, with blindfolds and sleights of hand. I’ll be the girl you practice on, I’ll let you pull a nest of ravens from my hair then saw me open on your mother’s couch. I’m very still.              At the reservoir, when you strip and handcuff me […]

Sublimation/Deposition by John Nieves

    Firestain—afternoon hard and ratty, a wirehanger with an end chewed off. This is a silence drill.   All urgency is confined to cuticles, to follicles holding firm and slowly pushing forward. This is not contradiction. Your eyelashes plagiarize   shadows—shamelessly hiding parts of your gaze that could explain […]

The Gleam by Robin Myers

    We dig deep into the earth, Nina. We cut it up. We do not try to fix it. We lurch in circles underneath, we string lights where there is no light, we will do anything to go faster than we can go alone. We point our guns at […]