Daily Archives: October 10, 2013

If I Were Born in Prague by Guy Jean translated by Ilya Kaminsky and Katie Farris

If I were born in Prague I’d avoid baroque concerts in libraries, libraries with plaster rosettes, libraries with flowers, libraries, with bland «Virgin and child». I would avoid it all. I’d avoid talkative American women, the Little wax Jesus, Jesus who coughs in my childhood, in my father’s vocabulary: «soft […]

The Continuity of Parks by Edmundo Paz Soldán translated by Kirk Nesset

after Julio Cortázar The foreman left the theater thinking about what he’d just seen. It had intrigued him at first, seeing fiction and reality blur, the film’s characters with the novels they read; but when he couldn’t tell where reality stopped and fiction began, the thing became tiresome. He was […]

Side Canyons by Henry Lyman

Sometimes they reveal a handprint, child-sized almost, our shapes being smaller then, of one of us beside the same rock wall that curves along the same dry creek bed, somebody whose whim it was to dip a hand in mud and leave its image waiting, forever maybe, for someone else […]

Lost in a Crowd by Thomas Carney

A dying man, Gerald Geller, decides to reclaim his long-dead name so he can die with his record clean.  This is what he tells the U.S. Marshalls, anyway, when he turns himself in, March 20, 2006, for Flight to Avoid Prosecution on a 35-year-old bank job.  On September 3, 1971, […]

Withdrawal by Nate Pritts

All the leaves on the trees are yellow             explosions. They’re dead or they’re dying. It’s too beautiful to process             & it never relents. I look out over the lake filled with so many chemicals. The water is grey […]